Leave No Trace

Be Fantastic – Stop the Plastic!

One of our personal new years resolutions for 2019 is to use and buy less plastic at home, a challenge in itself with two small people who seem to be magnetically drawn to the stuff! But we are determined to do our bit by making some little changes to our daily routines that will hopefully stack up to something heftier.

We have chosen to focus on the magic 7 to get us started:

1) Re-useable shopping Bags

2) No plastic straws – sorry kids!

3) Buying non packaged fruit and veg

4) Sending off our bottle tops to LUSH UK

5) Thorough use of the recycling system on offer in our town

6) Using the local milkman

7) Using Reusable water and coffee cups – and NOT buying bottled water. (We love our Chillys!)

 That last one….now….that last one has really got us thinking.

Tinker’s Bells together with Hen Camp in 2018 has seen us use a staggering amount of plastic and recyclable cartons which we offer as complimentary gifts to all our guests. So we’ve known for sometime the need to reduce Tinker’s Bells plastic usage and that it should be a focus for 2019. Part of our service has always been providing every guest with that much needed arrival/morning after, individual bottle of water.  Now we are talking…hundreds – no, thousands of bottles in a season.

How can we be committed to being part of the change in our personal lives and not carry this through to our business – where really the impact is so much greater. Yes our tents are beautiful but they are literally nothing without the stunning natural surroundings we place them in. It is our responsibility more than anyone’s to do our bit, and ensure that our business LEAVE’S NO TRACE.

As a result we’ve chosen to stop providing complimentary water bottles/cartons of refreshments to our guests.

Instead we are urging guests to be prepared and bring along reusable water bottles for your stay. We’ll be contacting all guests who have booked to stay in one of our Bell Tents in 2019/20 and we’ll be letting you/them choose if you’d like us to honour our initial commitment when they booked.

We will be offering ‘Reusable Bottles’ for purchase at reception for our 2019 Festivals and Events. And we’ll also be stocking our Hen Camps ‘Honesty Shops’ with lovely bottles for you to buy.

This decision has been made with a good amount of thought and discussion, it’s one we believe in and are fully committed to, and we just hope that you guys will support us with it, and if you’re not already, try and introduce the magic 7 into your own daily patter.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be pointing out a variety of other ‘Leave No Trace’ issues that affect Tinker’s Bells over our summer season. Some will hopefully make guests at least think a little more about planning time in our bell tents.

Oh and watch out for our ‘Leave No Trace’ #Giveaway over the coming weeks!